Area Rug Cleaning

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Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning
Oriental and area rugs can make a dull room shine bright and give it character. Unfortunately, they can also serve as major collectors of dirt and dust if they are not cleaned often and properly. In order to clean an oriental or area rug effectively, a specific cleaning process is needed (which is different from the way upholstery and carpet is cleaned). Rather than try to tackle the job yourself (and risk any possible damage to your rug, as they can be very expensive), wouldn’t it be better if you left it up to a professional instead? 


We offer free pick up and delivery for your area rug. Or if you would rather save some money we offer the option for our customers to drop them off at our shop. We have a convenient drop off trailer for our customers to easily leave and pick up their area rugs whenever it suits their schedule. 
Let Us Take Care of the Job for You
When it comes to Oriental rug cleaning, there is no one out there that does it like Cleancare Services. With years of rug cleaning experience under our belts, we know exactly how to get your oriental and area rugs as clean as possible without causing any potential damage or wear. Oriental rugs are delicate and require special care during cleaning, and we fully understand that.

How Clean Can We Get Your Rugs
How clean will your oriental and area rugs get in our cleaning facility? We like to say that they will look like new all over again, thanks to our amazing 10 step cleaning process that includes:

  1. Pre-inspection to determine the best cleaning methods
  2. Pre-vacuuming to remove all surface soil
  3. Total Dry Soil Removal to remove all remaining dry soil
  4. Pre-conditioning to emulsify the soil
  5. Shampooing for an intense deep and emulsifying clean
  6. Grooming to loosen up any water or oil based that are trapped within the fibers of the rug
  7. Drying time (rug is hung in a controlled arid environment)
  8. Post grooming to brush fibers of the rug for a clean and restored look
  9. Post inspection (for the seal of approval before the rug leaves our facility)
  10. Delivery back to your home with your fresh, newly cleaned rug!