Kenzie seems to forgive us for all the noise, and kicking her off the carpets for the day! Thanks for the business Kenzie!

Zephyr is all smiles after getting his carpets cleaned. another happy customer!

Some of our best customers have four legs, and we appreciate their business.  We love that our job brings us the opportunity for belly rubs, waggy tails and treats.  Thank you for letting us into your homes.

Oreo and Oscar didn't want us to take their area rug from them. They are holding us hostage with snuggles. Don't worry guys, we will get it back to you better than new! 

Happy Tails

Louie called us to clean his chairs. He welcomed us in and showed us his main concerns.

Abbey doesn't care if the upholstery is clean or not, as long as it doesn't interfere with her 22 hour a day nap.

Pixel wanted to make sure he could watch our cleaning process. He wanted the deepest clean for his carpets.

Roo was a little skeptical at first, but once she saw the results she couldn't be happier!

cleancare services

This couch had lots of hairs on it, and we can see why. Cleancare can even clean up messes from snuggle sandwiches.